• More than 176,000,000 women have Endometriosis worldwide.

  • The cause of Endometriosis is unknown, although having a family history of the condition is a common factor.

  • Symptoms may develop as soon as during the first period and may persist even after menopause.

  • In the USA proper diagnosis can take an average of 9 to 10 years from the onset of symptoms.

  • Endometriosis can only be properly diagnosed via Laparoscopy.

  • Pregnancy, hysterectomy or menopause DO NOT cure Endometriosis.

  • So far there is no cure for Endometriosis.

  • 1 in 10 women and girls, of reproductive age, have Endometriosis.

  • Endometriosis is more common than Autism, Asthma, and Diabetes.